Is a cold snap on the way?

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Don’t get your t-shirts out just yet as it seems winter might not have finished with us completely. Just after being battered by Storm Doris, it seems that the UK is expecting to hit by some snowfall. Storm Doris caused £400 million worth of damage and claimed one life with gusts up to 70 mph. So, with a big freeze on the way which is set to be with us until the middle of March, better make sure your boiler is still working to the best of its ability. For Woking Boiler installations, visit

It might seem strange that such a violent storm could have such an innocent name so why do we gives names to the storms? British people love talking about the weather and in 2015 the Met Office invited the public to submit names for storms. The idea was that it would achieve higher awareness of severe weather amongst the public and promote greater safety. Attaching a name to something helps people track its progress and become more engaged with what’s happening.

Storms are only given a name when they are deemed to have the potential to cause ‘medium’ or ‘high’ impacts on the UK and Ireland. Before this new system was introduced, the naming of storms was random and inconsistent. Now the system runs through the alphabet which alternates between male and female names. The only letters to be excluded from use are Q,U,X,Y and Z.

Some people have embraced the naming process and are pleased that it highlights some older and less common names that are brought back into use. Others have questioned whether giving a storm a name belittles the severity of a storm that could have dangerous and even deadly impact on the country. The next names to be used are: Ewan, Fleur, Gabriel, Holly and Ivor.

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There are many ways that you can make small adjustments to make your home warmer if the snow begins to fall:

Seal the windows – you would be surprised at how many people know they should do this but don’t actually do it. Taking the time to use a window strip and sealing your windows from any leaks can save you hundreds and not only during the winter.

Seal any cracks – Walk through your home very slowly and methodically and find the areas where cold air is coming in. Once you’ve figured out where they are, start sealing them. Use anything you can to plug the holes. If they’re small, seal them with a sealant, if they’re larger, plug the holes using anything you can such as old towels, rugs or t-shirts .

Shut off unused rooms – If you’ve got rooms that you’re not using, close the doors and make sure that you plug the crack at the bottom of the door. Turn the radiator off in that room and then more heat will circulate around the remaining rooms of the house.