Identifying Nuisance Birds – Know What You’re Dealing With

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From chip-stealing seagulls that spoil a day at the beach to the pigeons that poop on your clean laundry as it blows on the line, it seems like some birds are becoming a real hard-core nuisance. The ugly truth is that the most obvious culprits, although often maligned, are not the only species to cause damage, aggravation and mayhem.

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The Main Targets

Pigeons probably rank first in nuisance value. They don’t behave like wild birds and have little fear of humans. Scavengers by nature, they can easily find food sources, and their acidic droppings damage cars and houses in a fairly short period of time. As they are keen breeders and territorial, it is pretty difficult to persuade them to move on without expert help from nuisance bird management services.

Other popular flying pests are crows, who can perform an extremely menacing swoop if they are in the mood, gulls due to their noise, droppings and anti-social behaviour around people, and starlings, largely because of their droppings – inevitable when large groups travel together.

Can I Cull Nuisance Birds?

The short answer is basically no. Pretty much all feathered things are closely protected by law, and only those authorized by special permit can kill them, and even then only following the submission of evidence which meets certain criteria. So no matter how tempting it is to take an air rifle to the jackdaw cawing down your chimney pot day and night, don’t do it!

Take Positive Action

There may be things you can do which will deter nuisance birds from being such a trouble. If you often leave food for them, then stop – and make sure nobody else leaves food around that they could scavenge. Pop a brick or similar on your bin lid to prevent rubbish sticking out and giving the bigger gulls a way into the goodies inside. These tactics may help ease the situation while you wait for a visit from local specialists in bird management such as

Identify the Specific Birds

Calling for help is better and faster if you know what the problem is. Some birds are easy to name, but if you are not sure try taking a photograph and asking online.

Don’t let problem birds spoil your outdoor fun when help is so close at hand.