How to plan a great business event on a tight budget

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Business events can do wonders for your company’s image, brand and exposure. However, when times are hard and budgets are being cut, often it’s the events that are the first to go.

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It may be tempting to axe events and promote online only, but the benefits of that decisioin won’t last, and you could be losing out on valuable business opportunities in the long term.

As CRM software developer Workwise makes clear, while an online presence is proven effective, it’s the face to face interactions that strengthen existing relationships and forge new ones. With careful thought, business events can still stay on the calendar, and at a much lower cost.

Strike a Balance

A big part of scaling back the budget is knowing where to strike the balance between cheap and ostentatious. If you’re providing bubbly, for example, don’t go for the cheapest you can find. Look for something mid-range to make that saving. If you’re looking at catering, rather than cut corners on the quality, think about how you could make a deal in exchange for an advertisement or helping to promote a restaurant. Look to local colleges and universities to help staff your event. Students are always happy to make a little extra cash, and will be cheaper to hire.

Bring in a Professional Event Planner

If you’re not sure how to plan a business event or just don’t have the time, an event manager can do the legwork for you. This might seem like extra expense, but it’s worth weighing up against the time you need to dedicate to it. Companies like that specialise in corporate events, brand buildng and more are a good place to start. Tap your social network for word of mouth recommendations as well as doing the general research.

Cut Down the Guest List

Target the people who matter – the decision makers and those people who matter to them. Not all companies are structured the same way, so you’ll need to look past the job titles and find out who those decision makers are.

Use Social Media to Advertise

Promotion via Social Media is free, and is perfect for spreading the word about your event. Use it to discuss the event and to follow up with reports on it afterwards, complete with images and videos.